How It Work

Through 12 Month Loans, we are providing free online loan services. We are here to take the loan seeker to the appropriate loan provider when you have small savings and unavoidable expenses. Anyone who is residing in Canada can be given access to suitable funds without deducting a penny from the loan seeker’s account without his or her consent. To match appropriate services for you we receive a commission. We are not the ones responsible to take up lending decisions.

Here easy steps are executed in a simplified manner which constitutes:

1. Online application to be filled in

Before proceeding with your application you must ask yourself whether the funds available are within your reach or not. Then all you need to do is to complete an online form uploaded in the web portal of 12 Month Loans. We advise you to share relevant information in the application for swift processing by the lender.

2. Application getting processed

After submission, the application forwarded by the borrower will reach us here. Lenders associated with us will take up the responsibility to arrange a suitable loan offer for the loan seeker. If appropriate deals are found the borrower will receive notification from the respective loan provider about the status of your application. In this case, the borrower will be directed to proceed to the next steps where some additional information may be required from his or her side. He or she must submit an e-signature after confirming his or her email address and phone number. Once approved loan money will directly reach your checking account. On the flip side if the loan provider fails to process your application, then no further information will be asked.