Resolving Aeroplan Account Errors: We’re not able to validate your Aeroplan Elite Status at this time.

Booking flights should be a straightforward process, but users often encounter errors that hinder their experience. One common issue reported by users is the inability to validate Aeroplan Elite Status during the loyalty program input. This article aims to address and provide solutions to this persistent problem.

Identifying the Issue:

Users have reported encountering errors when attempting to book flights through the Air Canada (AC) app or website. The specific error message states, “We’re not able to validate your Aeroplan Elite Status at this time.” This issue seems to be linked to recent changes, such as obtaining a credit card that provides elite status.

Troubleshooting Steps:

  1. Browser Compatibility: Some users have reported success by switching browsers. If you initially encountered the error on Safari, try using Chrome or another browser to complete the booking process.
  2. Aeroplan Account Validation: Before proceeding with bookings, ensure that your Aeroplan account is properly linked and displays your status when you log in to the app or website.
  3. Removing Aeroplane Numbers: A temporary workaround shared by a user involves removing Aeroplan numbers during the booking process and adding them back later. This seems to have allowed successful bookings for some users.
  4. Contacting Support: If issues persist, contacting Aeroplan or Air Canada support is crucial. Some users have reported success after multiple calls, with representatives manually resolving the problem by removing bookings and reissuing tickets.
  5. Credit Card Perks: Given that the user suspects the issue may be related to a new credit card providing perks, it’s essential to communicate this detail to support teams. They may have specific solutions or insights related to credit card-associated status changes.

User Experiences:

Several users in the community have shared their experiences and solutions. For instance, one user had success after a representative manually removed bookings and reissued tickets over the phone.


While some users have found temporary solutions, it appears that the issue may persist for certain accounts. Continuous communication with Aeroplan and Air Canada support is recommended to ensure a thorough resolution. Users are encouraged to share their experiences in online communities to collectively find solutions

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