Responsible Lending

At 12 Month Loans we look forward to perform all lending practices and laws fairly. Here loan seekers are not charged with any fees. We maintain a specific index to determine appropriate fees for our borrowers.

We are not direct lenders and also never persuade our borrowers to take up loans which contradict his or her financial capability. We advise borrowers who are already in debt not to seek for loans. In such cases loan seekers may contact us directly. We will try to provide those borrowers best assistance from our side.

Information shared with us by the borrower at 12 Month Loans will never be disclosed from our side. We are associated with licensed lenders who have proven efficiency in meeting requirements of the loan seeker. We are not running a lending institution here. We just match needs of the borrower with appropriate loan providers. Through us you can find ideal lenders offering favorable loan deals. For that we don’t charge any fee from the loan seeker.

We are maintaining transparent and easy to understand loan services. We are taking guarantee to safeguard loan seeker’s personal information. High quality security system has been installed which protects information from external access.

We expect our loan seekers to keep track of cash in flows and cash outflows which will help him or her to affix his or her budget. On the flip side if this is not followed then it would be difficult for the borrower to decide upon loans which he or she cannot afford.

On missing scheduled payment you are likely to pay for additional fees. Payments can be rolled over if required which will also include surplus fees. The only difference here is that by rolling over payment you can avoid imposition of penalty charges.